May. 3rd, 2017

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As a kid, the news was all-important. My dad was a journalist, then an editor, so would insist on watching the news (or listening) three or four times a day. Dinner at 7pm was punctuated by the ABC news through the serving hatch. In the car on the hour? ABC radio.

I went on to do much the same. I tried to keep up with the news, and at the very least read the newspaper or watch the television news from a reputable source.

But now?

Between the Great Orange Cheeto in the USA, the pig-headed bastards who try and run this country, and the various hate groups trying to screw things up everywhere, I can't anymore. It sends a shiver down my spine. I lose whatever pleasure I might have had with the day when I hear of refugees being abused in a place we sent them, or rights being taken from human beings for having a different belief or physicality or love. Or I hear of people just being cruel to others for their own advancement or benefit.

SO I don't follow the news like I used to. I don't keep up with the latest political drama or the great financial gains of whatever companies. It leaves me cold and sad, and for my own personal mental health, I switch off if I cannot deal.

And I do do things to try and help the situation. Because if I ever stop believing that I can actually make a difference myself, I'd sink even lower.

I miss my idealism. But I've got determination instead. That will have to do.


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