Help! Older Fantasy book!

Jul. 23rd, 2017 04:54 am
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There was a book I read in high school, maybe 10+ years, and I'm struggling to recall the author and title.
I don't remember the main plot or character names, just a few scenes and descriptions the author used.
It's an older book and it's cover style was similar to other older books I read at the time like Through Wolf's Eyes by Jane Lindskold and The Outstretched Shadow by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory, therefore the book I'm searching for might've been published in the early 2000s like those 2 books.

The book had a hardcover and I think it showed a town by the sea with a ship to the left (but my memory might be off)

The first thing I remember is that I think the story starts with a town by the sea. There is a mention of the first strawberries of the year being brought to the market, that people will be clamoring for them. The author compares the fruit to rubies and then says they are nearly as valuable.

The story changes perspective and kinda jumps around. I remember it being told from a guys perspective and then sometimes by a girl.
I also remember the author describing in passing how one character witnesses a small figure of a woman pinned by two guys while a third rapes her.

I also remember there were these traveler people like gypsies that came during that time of year to perform and entertain. That later hide a mysterious woman who is described as very beautiful with nearly white hair, creamy skin, etc. There was a guy who desired her a lot and wanted her as a wife but the gypsies kept him away from her until near the end of the story where we find out she's the sister of someone (either a god or a king, someone important but I can't remember).
I faintly recollect that the gypsies give the male protagonist something to help him out but can't do anything more to help him. I think he might've been one of them but he was orphaned and I think he has magic too.

Lastly the scene that I can recall vividly is when the girl protagonist is injured, her hands and side of her face are burned. Later this old woman heals her using fire and a knife to "carve" and reshape her fingers since the fire fused them together. While the old woman is doing this another character shows up, sees the knife, freaks and kills the old woman. Her last words to him are something like "don't you know it's bad luck to interrupt a healing." The old woman dies and the girls burns are healed along with her 'new' fingers.

--If anyone can help me find this book I would be so grateful. I'm sorry if it's not a lot to work with!

What if for 2018

Jul. 22nd, 2017 08:53 pm
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My Friday reviews rotated between four long running series? Say, Vorkosigan, Kitty and two others?


Jul. 22nd, 2017 10:15 pm
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It's 22nd July. Happy Pi Approximation Day!
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Hey, everyone! How are you doing out there? Did everyone survive intact? We hope no one suffered any morning after ill-effects. :)

If you turned in your piece, by now you should have gotten confirmation from either [personal profile] sdk or myself. If you've emailed it in but didn't hear back, we haven't got it. Please send it in again! Our email is

You have until noon EDT Monday to turn in your piece if you haven't already. Remember, no editing allowed! If you passed out before you finished a header, that's acceptable to add to, but no correcting or messing with the fics and/or art itself.

We'll be posting all pieces anonymously on Monday evening all in one go and then voting will commence! A post on voting will go up then as well, with all the details.

We are so excited to share all of the drunken masterpieces!! :D

Drowning In Clutter

Jul. 22nd, 2017 09:18 pm
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I have STUFF. It accumulates. Being a frugal, responsible person, I kept a lot of it because "it might be useful" or "somebody else might find it useful" or "I could give it away on Freecycle" or "I could sell it on Ebay". And I did none of the above. None.

The effort and stress of listing something on Ebay has obviously been too great for me to summon up the energy to do. Likewise for Freecycle. This gives me much guilt, because putting things into landfill when they could be recycled is BAD. BAD KA! BAD BAD BAD! I have thus been caught between feeling guilty if I threw it away, and feeling stressed if I didn't. Because Stuff Taking Up Space is getting to really stressful levels for me. I have all these craft materials! I need to put them somewhere! I'm running out of space!

I have finally said "enough!" (or "too much", really). Forget Ebay. Forget Freecycle. Forget them all. One phone call, and I have booked a Hard Rubbish collection. My hope is that people round about will take at least some things off the pile before it gets collected by the Local Council. Shove my guilt, the stress has just gotten TOO MUCH. Stuff it!

So. Hard rubbish. Today I've been going around the house gathering stuff and clearing away stuff. Hopefully my nephew will help me tomorrow to put heavy things outside on the kerb.

Read more... )

It will be good to get rid of it all.

Oh, hey.

Jul. 22nd, 2017 03:28 am
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Turns out he got captured in the Bronx. Because of course he did! Why the fuck would he hang around Staten Island at all, much less right where he already was? Once he was already escaped, he must've kept running. I know that when I went into the city, there wasn't anybody watching the boat. Why not? Because all the cops in the city and then some were corralled in a 750 foot stretch of Stapleton!

And to top it, the charge is "escaping from custody and possessing a controlled substance and weapon" which is bad, yes, but not bad enough to justify my having to wade through a swamp of cops just to walk the dogs - much less the police breaking into my house, etc.
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I read this chapter book series in elementary school (around 2008) about a girl who had the power to influence plants with her emotions (for example, sometimes when she becomes angry she accidentally makes a plant grow a certain way). Each person in that world gets a power when they reach a certain age, as well as an orb. Her orb broke, however, so she has to travel to different realms to recover the pieces of her orb. She has a close male friend at home as well.

Later in the series, she discovers that she has a second power of reading the color of people's auras, which is relatively rare.

I think the title had something with "Azure" in it, though I could be wrong. I remember the cover being a photograph of the girl, with a pastel background.
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Oh, darling, happy Casino Pier anniversary!

Another of June's events: Richfield Rollapalooza. This was a pinball tournament in a Flint bowling alley and thank you, let's take your crack as read. The event run by AND, was a rare-for-us payout tournament in which most-or-all of the entry fees would go back to the people who made finals. MWS, who lives near there, told us we'd do well to go: we'd almost surely qualify for finals and hey, there'd be an interesting selection of games. The latter was true. The former are famous last words. Indeed, MWS's first moment of frustration great enough to make him proclaim he was quitting pinball forever came after a tournament he went to on the promise that he'd surely qualify for one of the payouts.

We set out a little late. MWS had suggested we might visit his house and play Betrayal at the House on the Hill if we got out of the tournament early and he got back from the wedding(?) taking him away most of the day. We forgot it the first time we set out, and had to backtrack, losing maybe fifteen minutes of qualifying time. I argued we wouldn't need them anyway, because when has the last-minute qualifying game ever been that important? These, too, were famous last words. Note that I lost out of the Meijer State Games from fall of 2015 by one last-minute game.

As promised, though, it was some good banks of games. Half were 'Classics', electromechanical or solid-state tables. Half were 'modern', late solid-state games or modern dot-matrix-display era tables. We could qualify for either. The process: up until the appointed hour, play one of the tables. Submit your highest score. You get points for how many people your highest score beats. The sum over five (or whatever) of those determines your rank in classics or finals. Top 16 go to the A Division finals; next eight who aren't division-restricted go to the B Division finals. The division restriction is to keep some top player from slumming and taking an easy B Division win. The slight twist this time: they didn't have enough people and networked devices to have scorekeepers come over and verify your scores. You just took a picture of a score you wanted to enter and brought it to the table. So I have a partial log in photos of my progress for the day, as recorded in score tables. Oh, there'd also be a $25 prize awarded to whoever put in the highest score on a table, regardless of whether they made finals or not.

I stepped up to the Classics bank, my traditional relative strength, and put a quarter in to Bobby Orr's Power Play, a late 70s game I'd had some success with in a Flint tournament a few months back, and proceeded to put up a score so embarrassingly bad I didn't want it recorded. Not an auspicious start.

At the tournament was AJG, one of the state's best players and probably the number-one seed for the state championship for February 2018. He's a precision player. He plays a game of Party Zone that is so boring it is compelling. One repeatable shot on this game is to shoot up the left ramp, for an award that starts at 100,000 points and increases by 100,000 until ... I don't know that there is an upper limit. It restarts at 100,000 the next ball. The ball comes down another ramp on the left side and if you give the machine a tap at just the right spot the ball can bounce from the left flipper to the right, in position to shoot this up again. It's a safe payout, if you can make the shot reliably. Most people can't repeat a shot that many times, for lack of control or maybe just boredom. Not AJG. He keeps shooting it, again and again. He gets it to scoring over twenty million points per shot, and keeps on going. It's hypnotic. He comes out with a score of something like 930,000,000, against a field that mostly puts up something like 20 to 50 million points total. My best score was just over 20 million. [profile] bunny_hugger, having worked out secrets to the table, came in at 55 million. It was astounding.

Trivia: More than 12,000 children were tried for smuggling at the salt court in Laval in 1773. This includes only children caught with fifteen pounds or more of contraband salt. Source: The Discovery of France: A Historical Geography, Graham Robb.

Currently Reading: Prime Mover: A Natural History of Muscle, Steven Vogel.

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We'd take the final leg of the park, working our way back to front, to close out the night. This let us get back to some old favorite rides like Corkscrew, and also to discover the disappointing news that Iron Dragon had shut for the evening without us. We did get our ride on Cedar Downs, the quite fast carousel with the horses that move forward and back in their rows. That we rode in anticipation of future excitement, though. We had heard how Rye Playland, which runs their counterpart to this ride even faster than Cedar Point does, had finally got its front-and-back mechanism working after years of the mounts being locked in place. We weren't thinking wholly of what we'd do next, though. We were paying attention to what we were doing.

With the disappointment that we couldn't ride Iron Dragon we went off instead to Blue Streak, the remaining wooden roller coaster and Cedar Point's oldest roller coaster. Always a reliable old friend and ready for us to get a front-seat ride again. And delightful with its chaser lights going in the evening twilight, too.

Adjacent to Blue Streak is ValRavn, last year's new roller coaster and something we'd only gotten a couple rides on because the queues were too long for us. That evening, the queue was estimated at a half-hour and we figured that was the best offer we'd get for a long while. And it was a good offer. The wait wasn't even the promised half-hour. This might be because the ride operators were challenging the riders to get settled in their seats and locked in so they could dispatch in under a minute, and there's a monitor that shows who is locked in correctly and how long the train's been in the station. We failed once again to do whatever it took to get a front-seat ride, but we carried on courageously, riding that roller coaster in the evening and taking in great views of the illuminated park in the night.

We'd hoped to close out the night on the Midway Carousel, but something weird happened. They closed the queue, and before the official closing hour of 10:00. In the past Cedar Point has normally closed the queue at the park's closing time and let whoever was in line ride. It's a common amusement park operation scheme to close the queue early, in the hopes of getting the last riders done close to the park closing time, but this was never their practice. Has that changed? If so how will it mutate the closing hours of a park night? Or did maybe the ride operator just set her watch wrong and thought it was just past 10:00.

Anyway, this diverted us to the Sweet Shop instead, with the hope that we might get a couple pieces of fudge before that shop closed. And this time, hey, what do you know but we could? They have a bunch of varieties of fudge there, pricey but incredibly worth it. [profile] bunny_hugger carefully rationed it out and we were eating impossibly good pieces for a week to come. Long enough that we discovered our local hipster farmer's market, the one we use to get vegetables for our pet rabbit, has the same flavors. This is a world full of surprises.

We drove home, safe and sound, listening to podcasts and getting in around 3 am, in time to sleep to a decent hour the next day.

Trivia: Nickel was first extracted from a reddish-brown ore named kupfernickel, devil's copper (or, St Nicholas's copper); it was useful for nothing except coloring glass green. Source: Nature's Building Blocks: An A-Z Guide To The Elements, John Emsley.

Currently Reading: Prime Mover: A Natural History of Muscle, Steven Vogel.

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Sean Spicer has finally grown a backbone.

When asked how he's feeling, he said: "How do I look like I'm feeling? Relieved."

LOL, I bet!

Sanders read a statement from Trump at the press briefing this afternoon.

"I am grateful for Sean's work on behalf of my administration and the American people. I wish him continued success as he moves on to pursue new opportunities. Just look at his great television ratings," Trump said in the statement.

Dear god, it's like an Onion article, but more so. But listen, Trump, you wanna see great ratings? Just wait until Spicer publishes his salacious tell-all. Bestseller. (He better have a salacious tell-all in the works.)

I'm just disappointed that he made his decision first and then went on the air. I really was hoping to see him give up on national TV. Sigh.

To Harry Potter - the boy who lived!

Jul. 21st, 2017 04:58 pm
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Welcome to the July 2017 Harry Potter 20th Anniversary edition of [community profile] firewhiskeyfic! We, your Mods - [personal profile] sdk and [personal profile] torino10154, are so glad you could make it. We love everyone tonight. Feel free to friend us on DW. We promise not to stalk you... much.

Your challenges for this month are:

Harry Potter

Mirror of Erised

Room of Requirement


"What do you mean, I'm not brave in bed?"

Incorporate one or more into your fic/art somehow, and you're good to go!

As you know, this is the Official Discussion Post. If you feel like chatting, and we hope you do, pop in here and let us know how it's going.

And just so we're clear, you don't have to write pr0n, though it definitely makes for interesting reading when characters change right in the middle of shagging because you're too drunk to remember who you're writing about. ;) You can write for any fandom (including original), but keep in mind the majority of our players are HP people. Anything goes!

Once you are semi-conscious, send your UNBETA'D UNCORRECTED fic to this email: Trust me, we can tell if you've messed with it, so don't do it, m'kay?

You will receive an email from us confirming that we got it. If you don't get an email, we didn't get it. Your fics/art will be due by noon on Monday, July 24th. Voting will begin later that evening and last until Saturday July 29th at midnight.

HERE IS THE HEADER! You can put this in the email body or the fic body. Whatever!

(please fill this out to the best of your ability. If you're unable, we will try to complete it for you)

In order to make things easiest on your poor, likely hungover mods, please put your DW or LJ username and (if you can manage) the title of your fic/art into your subject line or at least somewhere in the body of the email. Thank you!

Please do not discuss your fic/art. You can discuss ideas, drinks, how wasted you are, your favorite scene in the books, what the movies got right (or wrong), or whatever floats your boat. Just don't discuss your fic/art. This is an anonymous fest until after the reveal, and we don't want hints being given as to what you're writing about.

Shelly's starting off with Redd's Apple Ale while Torino will be arriving late but has gin chilling. How about you folks?

Let's get your drunk on!

Moonpie has been extra snuggly today.

Jul. 21st, 2017 02:58 pm
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No wonder! Yesterday must have been scary, with strangers tromping around in her house and her own people weren't there!

And today the kittens have started using the litterbox. They've also stopped avoiding the door, which means I had to chase down Kid Blink and return her to her room. But she's definitely getting more used to humans - catching her was trivially easy.
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And she is back home. It's unfortunate that she missed another day of school due to all this, but at least it doesn't look like there's much risk of foster care. I don't think that'd help her education much.

Her dad has been caught. It must've happened in the morning, because as recently as late last night, when Michele dropped me off, there were cops peering in the car windows.

Conversation from the hospital:

Me: Oh, hey, Mommy, did you speak to your brother yet?
Mom: Yeah, I called him last week.
Me: Okay, but do you think you should call him soon?
Mom: I was going to call him Saturday. That's his birthday.
Me: ...
Michele: Oh, wonderful! "Hi, happy birthday, and by the way...!"
Mom: Oh, it's a minor stroke!
Michele: "Good news, bro, I had a stroke of luck!"

I can haz vacation

Jul. 21st, 2017 10:43 am
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Off to lake side cabin tomorrow. No net access for a week.

Reminder: I've moved to DW and am cross-posting to LJ, which I might peak in on maybe once a week.

Oh Mr. Sessions?

Jul. 21st, 2017 08:29 am
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Hey, Jeff Sessions ... civil forfeiture? Let's be honest, we all know it's just a grab at people's cash and belongings. It's a violation of due process and we both know it. It's a government overreach that any conservative should be ashamed of.

That said... I've got a mark for you.

He's a noted swindler. He's got extensive property holdings worth millions... even billions! Think of all the SWAT teams you could afford to equip that that! He has mafia connections galore and recently had a shell out 25 million dollars in cold hard cash to settle a massive fraud suit. Like any drug cartel he has extensive connections with foreign dictators and several of the buildings he owns have been sites of large scale money laundering operations!

Mr. Sessions, it's time for you to stop squandering your efforts on penny ante drug users and step up to the big time - we're not talking a few thousand dollars here, with one fell swoop you could net billions for law enforcement and take out and international crook!

I am referring to .... Donald Trump.

Yeah, I think you're too chicken shit to go after your boss the way you go after poor brown people, Jeffy-poo. You're a coward and a hypocrite.



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