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If one were travelling from Melbourne to the UK next year (in late March), and then from the UK to the East Coast of the US (in early April), what airlines and online booking places would you NOT recommend? I want to know horror stories of planes held together with duct tape, booking sites who mysteriously lose your bookings and require you to pay a fortune to fix the issue, and any other scams that really need avoiding.

No, I will not be booking *anything* through Craigslist, especially Amazingly Good Accommodation.

And we already know to avoid United the Cattle Class Specialist.

Also, recommendations for good online booking places, airlines that are worth a little more...

I shall be dubious of anonymous entries, but not completely dismissive.

[Poll #1958971]

Oh - and yes, I know a lot of people want to catch up. That part I'll be arranging much later in the year.
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There's only so much alcohol my male protagonist can give the young lady. So many chapters you can devote to food. And now I have a dilemma.

How does a nice man tell the woman he wants to marry that he also likes to sleep with men? )
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It's not that I mind [ profile] lirion requesting books through my Amazon order.

It's not even that these books leave my own trashy choices for dead.

It's that I'm getting smegging spam advertisements for similar books from Amazon. In my mailbox. Every day.

I had no idea there were so many Undead Romance Writers out there.

And yes, you may parse that any way you want. Just stop me getting the emails!

By the way, 43.4C is nasty. 110F is also.
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and as always wondering where all the special guys/smart girls are.

From a recent Boing Boing:
"I had someone write in and say that he'd been hanging out with this girl for a while, and then one day she just kissed him out of the blue," Munroe said. "Since then, they've been together. She told him later that she'd done it because she'd read a comic that suggested you take more chances. I think everyone needs to just relax a little bit. People do meet people."


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