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One of the worst set out Spam messages I've received in ages. )

High points:

Besides,my dear, these are the opportunity for you and have to comply and your funds shall be transfer to your designated address.
Ahem! "My dear"?????

...or we will cancel the payment for this year until next year because this year is not like last year.

And next year will be quite different again...

Best of all - I think they mean that they normally would charge me $445 to receive the $5000, but this time they're only charging me $75. That's right - I have to *pay* to get my "money".


Nah. But I'm adding this to the "Spam" total for this week. Sheesh. Only £375.30 from Her Majesty's Taxes, and $5000 from Western Union. This has been One Slack Week.
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Dear whoever-sent-me-that-"my yearbook"-friends-request.

Firstly, it's borked. Broken. Doesn't have an actual link in it that I can check. Although it does seem to have a few interesting bits of some program.

Secondly, in Australia we don't do the whole "my yearbook" high school thing. Nor do we have home-rooms, sophomores or cheerleaders.

But most importantly, you've missed an important fact. I went to two high schools - one for two terms and the other for the remainder of my high school years. And both of them were female-only.

So I very much doubt if anyone called "Don" would want me to sign up on a Yearbook site for my high school classes.

Stupid spammers.

No love,



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