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Hey all,

If you're game, pop your (real) name and address in the comments below (which are fully screened) and your letterbox will get a strange and wonderful Australian Festive Card.

Of some sort.

No responsibility taken for excess CUUUUUTE.


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My apologies for the multiple postings (for some people).

Yeah, starting a bit early this year. But the deadlines are much the same.

Want to send cute cards?

Want to receive anti-cute cards?

Want your postman to look funny at you, then report you to Fuddland Security as a Secret Symp? (Actually, not that many of you are secret about it. I should know...)

The FAQ, newly polished, with the rusty bits chipped off and recycled.


Sign up by 10 November

Addresses out on 20 November

Cards to be sent by 1 December

Do it. Do it. You know you want to.
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My apologies for those seeing this for the second time.

It's the alt.Devilbunnies Annual Frithmas Card Exchange!!!!!

For those who want to either celebrate the season or inflict it upon others, it's Frithmas Card Exchange Time again!

The details are at this spot, but the important parts are:

Email me by 10 November
List sent out by 20 November
Cards to be sent by 1 December

Join us! Join us! You know you want to!
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I was trying to take [ profile] da_norvegicus and [ profile] lokicarbis over to [ profile] crazyjane13's for a bit of Bah Humbug.

But we never made it, and under here are the reasons why.
Warning - picture heavy )
I probably shouldn't have gone through a couple of the puddles on the roads, but I stand by my decision to head home. We're all safe, and the only regret is not making it to [ profile] crazyjane13's to get Humbug Hugs.


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