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Just over 2 weeks ago, I asked you all for a favour. I sponsor two girls at school in Uganda, and this year, as they're going to high school, I needed a bit of help. So I swallowed my pride, and asked.

And you gave, magnificently.

Today I was able to send the funds to the Atheist Alliance, who then pass it on to Bwambale Robert Musubaho, the co-ordinator at the Kasese Humanist Primary School.

We raised:

2 x $350 for Biira Scovia and Shamusi Mageya to board at Secondary School

$280 for the Kasese Humanist Primary School. The funds will be used for anything from science textbooks to teachers' salaries.

I ended up putting in a little extra to round the figure up (and make up for the horror that is exchange rates at the moment), so I asked that the girls be given US$10 each towards the expenses of going away from home for the first time - toiletries, underwear, whatever they need. It won't be much but it should help a bit.

And that makes a round US$1000

And you are all wonderful. Here's the receipt from the donation.

The Go-Fund-Me shows $1075 Australian. Another donor just handed us AU $300, which made $1375. I ended up sending a round US$1000, which converted to AU $1454.14 - we made up the last $80.

Of course, if anyone else donates, that money will be sent straight to the school for their excellent education work.

I shall now post, under an LJ cut, a variety of GIFs that give some small indication of my current mood. )
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Three poppadoms cooked and placed in a sealed takeaway container overnight.


Because I want some for Saturday, and I'm hoping to cook them tomorrow to save time. So this is the test batch - I cooked them tonight, and will test them tomorrow.

If they're still crispy, then there will be an ENORMOUS frying and a VERY LARGE sealed container for Saturday lunchtime.


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