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Friends in Mass. took us to the outback Steakhouse. We were most disappointed not to be allowed to use our Australian dollars there, and the sight of a stuffed Kiwi at the front brought on laughter. Then [ profile] moxie_man ordered ... well, I don't quite know. All I can say is that he ate the whole thing and we watched in awe.
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Maine is beautiful. I want to go back there, during the autumn fall, and see the rest of the trees change colours.

This is the view from the window of [ profile] moxie_man and [ profile] panacea1's place as the sun rises through the mist. It was glorious, it was peaceful, and the area was beautiful.

One day...
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A year ago, when we landed at Manchester New Hampshire, we were met by a couple of squirrels. From left to right, [ profile] panacea1, [ profile] moxie_man, and [ profile] notasquirrel.
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buzzy and dc

They decide to spice up their life a little.

[ profile] notasquirrel decided to make a close acquaintance with Damn Cat (owner-in-residence of [ profile] moxie_man and [ profile] panacea1). I don't believe this "mounted" situation lasted too much longer.
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It's been almost a year, and it's time I arranged some photos. Many of them are of [ profile] notasquirrel getting up to things, and some are of nefarious members of [ profile] altdevilbunnies.

But the main reason we went was to celebrate and gatecrash the wedding of [ profile] jazzmasterson and [ profile] harliquinn. So to finally start off my Flikr set, please feast your eyes on this dubious trio.

(Just so you know, if I post from Flikr to LJ, the timestamp drops the entry waaaay back on my friends page, so I'll probably be re-doing any of these I put up)
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We're in L.A., safe (?) in the house of the [ profile] skwerlbuddy, being loved and looked after as we have been all this trip. Being fed, being pointed to showers and being given free access to an espresso maker. But for those of you who haven't been with us for most of this trip, I think it's time I did a day-by-day description of our trip of evil.

The Planning Stage )

Friday 16th )
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We are currently in Connecticut, with 5 hours until the wedding of [ profile] jazzmasterson and [ profile] harliquinn, and they had no idea we were coming until last night.

Look for tag GC entries, now unlocked. I'll post more when I have time.

And yes, they are in shock.
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... how many packets of Tim Tams are considered more than enough for "personal use" and slide one into the "dealer in controlled substances" category?

Oh crumbs. 42 hours until take off.
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Greetings, fellow conspirators.

Once we leave [ profile] torin3's on the Tuesday, and head to Washington, my idea is that we see the Mall part of the Air and Space Museum then all have dinner somewhere not too far from [ profile] silmaril's place.

the tweaking part is here )
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Hey there.

We've got a chance at a really cheap flight from Washington Dulles (IAD) to LAX, via Independence Air.

1) Is Dulles OK to get to from the main part of Washington DC for a 7pm flight?

2) Anything I should know otherwise?

(*poing* - 2 weeks to go!!!)

From Washington-Dulles, VA (IAD) to Los Angeles, CA (LAX)
Wednesday, 28 Sep 05 Flight 850
Depart Washington-Dulles, VA (IAD) at 7:30 pm and arrive in Los Angeles, CA (LAX) at 10:00 pm
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Firstly, please welcome [ profile] sclerotic_rings and his good wife [ profile] czarina69, who have indicated they want to meet up with us as well.

Secondly, every single one of you who has so helped us with this evil plan is as always entitled to full accommodation and meals at Chez [ profile] reynardo and [ profile] lederhosen, and an excess of hugs.

I can't believe it - less than four weeks until we get to meet [ profile] panacea1 and check out the new house - er... it will be ready then, right?

Less than 5 weeks until we freak out [ profile] jazzmasterson and [ profile] harliquinn at their pre-wedding bonfire. And get to meet so many other lovely people in person, top of the list being the glorious [ profile] mdsteele47 and the wonderful [ profile] binxcat - the hugs will be enormous.

And then to [ profile] deor and [ profile] malada's, then on to [ profile] torin3, and further to the glorious [ profile] silmaril, with possible other meetings in between, then finishing up with the incredible [ profile] skwerlbuddy.

And volcanoes. Can't forget volcanoes.

So - on to the finalisation. Itinerary. Important )
A full list of the previous posts can be found under here.
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Hi there - me again.

Firstly, yes, it's late September we'll be there.

Next - if the tree-rats squirrels are ok with the 17th pick-up, then we'll do it that way, get the car in Portland on the way out on Tuesday 20th and head down to Mass from there.

[ profile] silmaril, my dear, if we could stay with you we would be very grateful. Are you a TimTam sort of a person or should we bring macadamias? And we'll trust you on the food side of things.

[ profile] brandtotter, I'll check with our travel agent tomorrow about the various bits and get back to you. That reminds me - time to book those intra-USA flights tonight.

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Heya guys,

Just trying to get some more of the details together, specifically the East Coast parts.

1) Flying into Manchester on the 17th (we'll end up arriving middayish or later due to time zones and minimum-times-between-flights) and hiring a car from there looks like the best idea because the prices to hire in Augusta are not pretty. I can only begin to imagine what the flick the local squirrel population did to the hire cars to drive the prices up.

2) However, one-way driving to BWI or even PHL is not pretty either.

So - [ profile] deor and [ profile] malada - if we drive the car to Syracuse (your nearest big city as far as I can tell) on Sunday afternoon, how easy is it for you to pick us up from there?

We'd then like very much to take up the very kind offers of your good selves and [ profile] torin3 to be picked up on Monday, go to the Air and Spare Museum on Tuesday, then fly out from Baltimore International on Wednesday 28th. ([ profile] silmaril, where would be a good place to stay at on Tuesday night? Is there accommodation near you that's in walking distance of a really nice restaurant?)

On Wednesday 28th we fly back to LA - which is a whole new squirrel game.
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Heya - this is a more serious itinerary, as we're booking tickets in the next couple of days.

Ok - evil Plan: )


May. 6th, 2005 04:40 pm
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(Deposits paid for air tickets - moveable dates but still...)

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Hi there to [ profile] mdrnprometheus, [ profile] darkrosetiger, [ profile] silmaril, [ profile] torin3 and [ profile] turnberryknkn. You five have been added to the Very Special Secret Conspiring Group because [ profile] lederhosen and I will be coming to the USA in September to gatecrash the wedding of [ profile] harliquinn and [ profile] jazzmasterson. And because we thought that as we'd be sort-of in the area, there's a chance we might hook up.

Look for posts of mine that are locked, with the same icon, and they'll be friends-locked to this select group with info about the trip. And any info people have, please feel free to throw it in here.
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It's official, guys. I just had my yearly review and I got the higher level bonus, which is now earmarked for [ profile] lederhosen and myself to gatecrash a certain nuptial event being held in Connecticutt in September.



(deep breath)

I've created this Live Journal group to communicate with the people I need to plot and conspire with up to the date. Quite obviously, this is all terribly hush-hush as the couple themselves have no idea.

So - I'll only use this icon when posting important info about the trip and all, so you know when you need to read. But at least we know it's all happening now.

And from here it's logistics and babbling )
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This is a test.

OK - A very select group of people is on this list, so please just drop a short comment on to say you saw this.

[ profile] panacea1, I'll need you to relay to Moxie if you would as he's not a LJ-er, once I start using this properly.

Just in case I don't have the filters on properly, that's all I'm saying at the moment.


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