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Now I have a gmail account of the same name as this. To be honest, I'm "reynardo" or a variation of it all over the internet - except in a few places, where I try to keep things a bit separate.

But the problem with the name "Reynardo" on Gmail is that other people keep thinking it's their account. Or they have a variation (such as "Reynardo1415") and only put the letters in. So I've had Itunes registrations, confirmations of conference bookings, even notices to pick up a credit card, all not for me.

There does seem to be one person, though, who keeps signing up for dating services under that email address. I've had to advise a whole heap of places that no, I shan't be confirming my registration for the Big Busted Babes of Boston Baseball this week, or ever! When they signed up for Instagram, I attempted to contact them to let them know they were using the wrong email address, but not a hope.

Today, though, it got personal. Whoever it is, their computer is infected with a virus or malware. Whoever it is, their computer (in the Philippines) is sending out SPAM emails for "Let Google Pay You" scam to 1001 addresses.

And of course, their emails have my email address as the sender.

Now, any tech support person seeing that email would immediately be able to check the header, see that it's from another site altogether, and contact the originating computer's ISP to have their connection turned off until they clean their bloody machine.

But a non-techie is going to see the "From:" and think they've found the twit.

I'm only getting the auto-bounces so far. I'm expecting the written "stop or I'll tell on you" emails any moment now.


Today's not been good. This will be the (im)perfect icing on the cake.
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From [ profile] riverwitch8616 - what movies have you seen?

SUPPOSEDLY if you've seen over 85 films, you have no life.

There are 239 films on this list

Put x's next to the films you've seen

Add all the x's up

Have fun! And here is that list ) 79. So I have a life...
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tektite or not

that a dear friend bought for me in Germany, on the basis that it was a tektite. It's certainly heavy enough to be one, and being the geeks that we are, we tested it with a magnet. It's not magnetic, so we doubt that there's much iron in it. But it's the right size, and the right shape, and although it doesn't have the glassy surface that many of them have, it's similar to a lot of others.

And there's an information sheet that came with it, in German. Now I don't speak German, and neither does my friend (I still wonder how he managed to make his way through Germany for a month!) but I could muddle out enough German to work out that Metalle, Titan Mangan, Silber und Palladium were part of the makeup. No wonder it wasn't magnetic.

Then later, when I was showing my mother, I started to wonder - those are really odd metals for a meteorite. I'd expect Chromium or Nickel if I wasn't getting Iron, and definitely not Silver. And there were references to Energie Steine and Mannliche Steine, which had me suspicious. So I decided to try to translate from the German.

To see what Google Translate made of the document, please read from here. But not while drinking... )
boji sheet
If you're curious, click on this picture to see the original sheet.

I've checked what a Boji stone should look like, and my stone is much more like a tektite than one of these, so it still might be legit. Or it could be a dodgy Boji.

You can stop laughing now. But we haven't.
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All the letters cut out, tacked onto backing, and laid on the background fabric to give an idea of what it looks like.

All the letters' fabric is from my stash, and about half of them have stories. For instance, the blue stripey O was from a set of overalls I made for [ profile] da_norvegicus, and the green O with Disney character were shorts and an emblem on a shirt. He was about 1 at the time. The last L is from a pair of waistcoats I made for my best friend from school days and her husband, and the F was from covered mousemats I made many many years ago.


I should have taken that derned Night-time Cold and Flu tablet when I said I would...
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What *was* supposed to happen was Continuum, a SFF convention that I was *really* looking forward to.

What actually happened was the gradual onset of some sort of flu-ey tired headachy bug with no energy, some nausea, and an extreme disinclination to leave the house.

So I decided not to be that-person-who-BROUGHT-Con-Crud-to-the-con (Yes, [ profile] da_norvegicus, I'm looking at you) and have spent a fairly quiet weekend at home, using up scads of Internet allowance. (I've just found a Youtube channel with ALL the Time Team episodes on it - as in going back to when Tony Robinson had hair!) I think I'll work on the new Well of Lost Soles and watch cheesy videos instead. For an explanation of the Well, click here. )

Well 3

And this is roughly what it should look like when it's finished! Wish me luck!
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Me: You know when two guys start trying to show each other up and it's just like they're waving their dicks around? Is there a geek version of that, that's not too rude?

[ profile] lederhosen: You mean like an e-peen?

[ profile] da_norvegicus: Like they're waving their antennae?

Me: That's perfect.

[ profile] da_norvegicus: And it's not the size of the antennae that counts, but its frequency.

[ profile] lederhosen: You know that frequency is directly related to wavelength, don't you?

Entire house dissolves in laughter and is not coherent for far too long...


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