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tektite or not

that a dear friend bought for me in Germany, on the basis that it was a tektite. It's certainly heavy enough to be one, and being the geeks that we are, we tested it with a magnet. It's not magnetic, so we doubt that there's much iron in it. But it's the right size, and the right shape, and although it doesn't have the glassy surface that many of them have, it's similar to a lot of others.

And there's an information sheet that came with it, in German. Now I don't speak German, and neither does my friend (I still wonder how he managed to make his way through Germany for a month!) but I could muddle out enough German to work out that Metalle, Titan Mangan, Silber und Palladium were part of the makeup. No wonder it wasn't magnetic.

Then later, when I was showing my mother, I started to wonder - those are really odd metals for a meteorite. I'd expect Chromium or Nickel if I wasn't getting Iron, and definitely not Silver. And there were references to Energie Steine and Mannliche Steine, which had me suspicious. So I decided to try to translate from the German.

To see what Google Translate made of the document, please read from here. But not while drinking... )
boji sheet
If you're curious, click on this picture to see the original sheet.

I've checked what a Boji stone should look like, and my stone is much more like a tektite than one of these, so it still might be legit. Or it could be a dodgy Boji.

You can stop laughing now. But we haven't.
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(I need a "rocks" icon, or something suitable to my geological love. Anyone?)


The latest Accretionary Wedge, being co-ordinated by Shawn in Texas, wonders what geological courses one would like to see, especially at one's educational institute. While I love being at Victoria Uni, its only Geological courses are how to recognise dangerous areas while excavating, and how important Geology is to Engineers.


I'm going to consider the need to interest more of my Teacher Trainee cohorts in the glorious science that is ROCKS. I need to remember the general level of knowledge they are likely to possess. And I need to sneak some knowledge in while they enjoy the course. There will be just a little sadness that I never managed to take the "Science in Science Fiction" course back at Western Sydney uni all those years ago.

So to give you an idea of what I'd like to see in Geology at my Uni: )
And now, back to the last polishing up of a certain [ profile] sshg_exchange piece before the EYE gets me.
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On the bad side, my SSHG is almost up to Beta-ing. I owe the Mods a request for extension.

On the silly side, Accretionary Wedge is asking for Geology Poems )
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You see, there is a Paleontologist Barbie, and at least two of them are out there with their own Geologist Companions, tapping the rocks, brushing the dust from the bones, and learning more about our earth. And the lovely Evelyn, who runs the blog Georneys, decided it would be a good idea to Dress Barbie as a Geologist for Hallowe'en.

Picture heavy, and showing my Very Favourite Passion )
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This month the theme for Accretionary Wedge #35 is What's Your Favorite Geology Word?, being hosted by the lovely Evelyn at Georney's.

Hmmmm And just what do you think that word might be? )

Yeah, like I could resist writing a piece of doggerel.


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