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We have a stairwell. There's a light right at the top of it, that's about 11 feet off the ground, if by ground you mean the step that's directly below it. The stairwell turns at this point, though, so there's not enough room on that stair to put a ladder.

You can brace a ladder across the short part of the stairwell, clamber up it, pray that it doesn't tip and throw you down the rest of the stairs, and change the lightbulb that way. It's scary as fuck.

Or you can rest a ladder from a lower step, resting against the wall above a window, hoping that the ladder base doesn't skid out and drop you onto the stairs, leaving you with a hand full of shattered lightbulb. It's scary as fuck-all.

Of course, if we had our lovely electrician friend down here, we'd pay him and his lovely wife a nommy dinner and a games night in exchange for changing the bulb. Alas, they're in Sydney.

And while we could book an electrician, we'd want it to be for a bundle of things rather than paying $200 just to have a lightbulb changed. And we don't really have a bundle of things at the moment.

I know there's such a thing as a lightbulb changer. I've seen them on the telly years back. I've been asking around all the hardware and lighting stores, and no-one has them. So I've searched on line.

Interestingly enough, you can buy them from professional cleaning suppliers. I imagine there's actually a market for them if you have to change the light bulbs in offices with fancy foyers and such. But I really didn't want to pay $155 for a device to change *one* light bulb.

Finally found them on Ebay for a half-reasonable price. Of course, the shipping has doubled the bloody thing, but it's still less than the other supplier I found, and this has the full set for all the different bulb types. They only deliver to houses (I wish I knew why they don't want to deliver to a post office box). So, after weeks of dark stairs, I'll finally be able to change the lightbulb.
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OK, Three loads of washing done and one more in, and the back porch cleaned of the piles of crap (literally) from Senior Dog, including his set of lying-on mats (Load 3 of the wash. Done by hand in a tub)

Loungeroom Carpet hung on a line at the front to let these high winds blow out some of the dust and hair before I vacuum and carpet-clean it.

Now - THE KITCHEN! Time to put on a cool video about Meteors to synch with the destruction mode

So - how's *your* Day of Rest?
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We've discovered that all of the agents knew which was our property, and thus have decided to go with the ones that were honest enough to tell us that they knew. Their price is also equal to most of the others (the cheapest had expensive other items so would have made the difference up that way) and they didn't try to brush us off or send us massive chunks of glossy literature that said nothing. They also spellchecked and grammar checked their documents (one small apostrophe which we will allow them) which is much better than some of their rivals.

So - the question. They're offering various different types of publicity prior to the auction. I'm curious as to which would attract your interest, especially if you yourself have bought a property.

[Poll #1479269]
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Once [ profile] da_norvegicus has finished his HSC, we'll be selling the Sydney house where he's living with his father. To start the ball rolling, I wrote to the 16 Real Estate agents within 5km of the house asking them for details of their fees and commissions for the sale. I didn't give the house address as I didn't want the lads disturbed, although I did say we'd bought in late 2004 for $X, so that the agents knew where they stood.

We have 8 large glossy envelopes with sales pitches now, most giving prices of nearby houses and a fair picture of prices in the area.

But one agent has obviously done his homework and doesn't mind us knowing, by including the Real Estate Institutes' file on OUR HOUSE, complete with the last 4 sales over the previous 15 years, the size and layout of the house, and a picture taken of it while we were living there (and probably at the time the front garden looked the best it ever had).

Should I be pleased that he's done his research and knows what he's doing, or should I be totally creeped out?
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Heya all! This is a call out for friends of ours in the Sydney area. We have FINALLY got our beautiful new house, and would like some help moving boxes and small portable items to it.
secret address details below )

We have sufficient forms of transport (I'm picking up a truck and other friends are bringing a ute) but would appreciate a show of hands and bodies to lug the boxes from the various stuffing points in the old house into the trucks, and then from the trucks into the new garage. If you can't lift heavy stuff, there will be enough lighter little bits to be dealt with too.

Pizza and beer and wine and softdrinks will be provided at the end of it all to those wonderful people who help, either physically or by keeping us amused while we toil.

Call me on oh-for-won oh-for-won 0598 for clarification.
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We have just signed in blood, pledged the life of our first-born and the kidneys of the dog, and sworn allegiance to the Dark Forces.

If the application goes through, we have a mortgage for almost half a million dollars.

That is so scary.

OK, so they're Australia dollars, not US, but hey - the feeling's the same.

[ profile] djfiggy, as soon as this goes through, I'll write to your parents officially and invite them to stay.
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Smegging smegmation below. And bad language. )
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Bad - last night driving home the car died. Overheated. Possibly a complete loss of radiator water, but if so I don't know when it happened. Anyway, i have to go organise tow-trucks.

Ugly - the people who own the house we were interested in have withdrawn the sale. Bummer.

So the only good left is a silly meme )
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How to tell when the stress levels are rising:

Gillian forgets her ID tags/door passes not once, not twice, but three fricking times in one evening.

And why is Gillian stressed?

click here for the whole sordid fricking story. )
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Ohhhh but some days you wonder why you bother getting up.

Here lies the yucky work story )
and the next morning... )
Househunting and deciphering the secret language of the Real Estate people. )
So there you have it - the trials and tribulations of the Midnight Fox. Now I have a massive headache, cold pizza (the phones barely stopped) and a tired set of fingers. Another night, oh people.
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We've decided not to go ahead with the house we were considering. The owner wanted a lot of money, and the inspections had come back with a) a lot of work needing doing and b) a lot of work that had been done not approved by the Council. We wanted the price dropped accordingly, and the owner wouldn't, and we realised we were stressing a lot about a place that we weren't absolutely happy with, so t'was far better to say "no" and look elsewhere.

This now means us probably moving to a different rental place as the owner here is finally ready to demolish. Possibly a flat, and leave the dog at my parents' house. But somewhere that has:

* cupboards with bottoms
* cupboard handles that are in the right side and place for me to reach
* a bathroom floor that drains
* a kitchen sink that the tap reaches
* lights that don't fall out of the ceiling when you try to change a lightbulb
* a screen door that can open and shut all the way because the awning isn't built over it.
* no termites in the woodwork
* no holes in the floor
* no lumps under the carpet
* doors over the door spaces, so you can heat one room without losing it to the whole house.
* no exposed sewage pipe in the back yard.
* etc etc etc

Now off to a nice hot bath my bunny has run for me.
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Rather long, fairly involved, expect a roller-coaster of emotions. )
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And add yet ANOTHER reason why I'm glad we don't own this place...

The hot tap on the bath just fell off while I was turning it on.

Luckily, I could fix it before the bath overflowed. But it's a combination of a cheap fixture put on badly. It'll do it again. And those lumps in the floor are feeling more and more dubious. They're either the previous owner's bones or the termites' leavings.

I'm glad I'm not the owner. I understand why he's going to bulldoze it. I'll gladly help direct the bulldozer driver. Just not until we've found a place of our own.
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Cross fingers. The house we looked at last week, although the owner wants a little more rent (and we won't let him get over $400 pw, which is more than enough), may be ours by Monday.

Sleep for [ profile] lederhosen.

Space for Ratdog.

Time to organise Ratboy to stay with his teacher.

House here to clean and pack and oh my god all the things to do.

But at least a house.
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Well, the position I was trying for has been filled. This is not a major problem, as I was only hoping (as one does).

But the house we wanted ... the agent heard that the owner has rented it privately. Now we have to start looking all over again.

So this weekend we are running away to Melbourne to see our very dear friends, to pick up the car from Geoffrey's grandmother, and to catch up with family. They may only be my family-by-marriage, but I am lucky enough to get on with most of them rather well.

And then Monday drive back up to NSW and then Tuesday start the house-hunting again.


At least this time we got to the airport with an hour to spare, despite lots of delayed trains. I am glad I decided to catch the earlier train.


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