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There I was, three weeks before the deadline, and no idea what was going to happen.

And here lies the writing process. )
For your reading pleasure, A Touch of Sun.
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This is for some friends on Twitter, who need the digested version of Devilbunnies, and what a
"Chimp Flick" is.

So click here only if your Happy Symp Filtering Software is up to date. )
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I blame DarkRose, who was on Lj as [ profile] darkrosetiger. She stated in the "Why I write Fanfic - the meme":

9. Because I've made some of my best and dearest friends through this very wacky hobby.

And I had to agree. Because once you've confessed you write about cute fluffy bunnies taking over the world, or your partner writes Baldur's Gate YMCA filks or even Fanfic Excriciatingly Bad Love Poetry - on purpose, and people haven't run away screaming in horror, then they're likely to be your friends for a very very very long time.
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My beloved [ profile] lederhosen's work was on Stateline last night, and we recorded it. Alas, the transcript for the story about the Vision CRC won't be up for a couple of days, but if you're a New South Welsh bunny you might be able to catch the re-run on today (Saturday 30th July) at 2pm. Alas, no broadband downloads either, but visitors to Chez Brent will be forced to watch the 10 minute story and not released until they have commented favourably on the graphics.

The graphics were very pretty, by the way.

Transcript is now active at


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