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For this year's [ profile] luciusbigbang, I made a scarf for a friend.

More to the point, the story was that Lucius's mother arranged for the scarf to be made for him while he was at school, but somehow it got lost in the mail.

Title: Lost Mail
Author/Artist: [ profile] reynardo
Cheerleader: Feuerfunke, whom I did not treat with the respect a cheerleader deserves. I'd like to apologise profusely for my complete brain-addling.
Genre: Family
Rating: G
Warnings: Only valid if the recipient has agreed to model it for us!
Materials: Assorted acrylic yarns, one of which was sparkly! Pattern vaguely based on the marvellous [ profile] harmanhay's "Peacock Dress" feathers, seen here. Also, of course, a letter from Mrs Malfoy to her dear son, and a box to mail it all in. The scarf is knitted in a 10-rows-coloured-2-rows-black sequence, in stocking stitch. The basics of the feathers were knitted in (including bobble stitch for the centres) and then extra detail hand-embroidered over the top.
Characters: Lucius, his mother, mention of a few others
Stitch Count: Huge
Summary: In Lucius's last year at Hogwarts, his mother sent him a scarf to keep him warm. Alas, the owl was lost, or shot, or ... somehow the parcel ended up in the Muggle mail system, and stuck down the back of a desk in the Lost Mail office.
A/N: I hadn't realised how much I would end up being "written out" by University until I sat down and couldn't even write Cute Lucius stuff! So I deliberately went another way. By some strange co-incidence, I wanted to make something special for a dear friend for Christmas. So here it is - or at least pictures of Lucius's scarf, the letter his mother wrote to go with it, and the evidence of the slight ... misdirections the scarf took.

For pictures and the story, click here. And for the text of the letter from his mother, it's under here. )
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detail of the creature

Finally, the answer to my question about "How Many Tentacles does Cthulhu have?"

For the whole thing, click here. )


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