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On the bad side, my SSHG is almost up to Beta-ing. I owe the Mods a request for extension.

On the silly side, Accretionary Wedge is asking for Geology Poems )
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It's a monthly "write while drunk" fest, and I missed out again this time, so I've written a little something for the ladies. This version has the correct coding. The Fire Whiskey Fic Night )
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I entered the Lord Mayor's Poetry competition - alas, didn't get anywhere. But for those interested parties, here is my entry, a socio-something or other comment on the addictions I see every day.

The Queue )
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This month the theme for Accretionary Wedge #35 is What's Your Favorite Geology Word?, being hosted by the lovely Evelyn at Georney's.

Hmmmm And just what do you think that word might be? )

Yeah, like I could resist writing a piece of doggerel.
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Cross-posted to [ profile] techsupport

To: Lead Tech Desk
From: Floor rep

My monitor is a piece of crap. Can I have a new one?


To: Floor Rep
From: Lead Tech Desk

I wanted a slighty more descriptive output...


To: Lead Tech Desk
From: Floor rep

Forsooth, this monitoring bright device
From which the light of far and distant lands
Commingles thereupon with figures bright
Reduced to photons viewed through clearest sand

Full many years has signal passed through glass
Until, with nature's slow and sure decay
The figures once so clear and pure of line
Have quietly begun to fade away.

Solutions to this problem come to mind:
Should one remove the monitor and drop
Upon the concrete this quite fragile case?
Or patiently wait for sight to stop?

I call upon the Techs to see this grue,
Have pity, and to bring me one anew.

I'll let you know what the result is.

*edited for one spelling and one mistype - [ profile] drzero was right - it should have been "bright".*
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When you read this, post a line or several of poetry (yours or someone else's) in your journal. Explanation optional.

Western wind, when will thou blow?
The small rain down can rain.
Christ, that my love were in my arms,
And I in my bed again

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It got a little cold last night,
The hail began to fall,
The children pulled on gloves and hats
And made it into balls.

The roads were slick with lots of ice,
The cars went every way.
And up at famous Bondi Beach
The snowboarders did play.

The drifts were near a whole foot deep
And mist swirled thick and low,
The aeroplanes could not take off -
Too dangerous to go.

One workmate left to head on home,
Then came back in in fear,
"The roads are slick with ice and hail,
I'm staying inside here."

The lightning struck beside our work,
Its noise more crack than boom,
We watched the storm head out to sea,
The bolts bright in the gloom.

Alas, the rain fell to the east,
The empty dams lie west,
But some at least has helped the drought -
We'll wait now for the rest.

By midnight all had passed away,
The distant clouds ablaze
With lightning bright as instant day
Towered high for eyes to gaze.

The windscreens smashed and trees lost leaves,
Car roofs now look like Braille,
Who would have thought a calm spring night
Could bring amazing hail.
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Quick background: This after dinner speaking club allows for four or five speakers after an excellent black-tie dinner. The speakers have normally had about 6 weeks notice of the topic, which they may interpret in any way they like or even completely ignore. I got a phone call Thursday night asking me very nicely but desperately could I please speak on Friday as they were down to 3.

The subject was Passion )


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