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South Dakota has one - repeat one - location where women can obtain abortions. To get an abortion, one must:

1) Speak to the doctor at the clinic to get a full idea of what is involved, then wait 72 hours to consider your choice. This is difficult enough as they can't get a local doctor. The current provider flys in on a weekly basis, only for the day that the procedure is performed, making it hard enough to get the required information first. Note that they don't allow patients to speak just to a nurse, despite the fact that a nurse with the appropriate training would be completely able to give the information in an proper manner.

2) Then attend a counselling at a crisis pregnancy center, also known as an anti-abortion center or a pro-life clinic.

Then and only then may the woman go to the clinic in Sioux Falls and get the abortion.

And the problem? None of the crisis pregnancy centers in South Dakota will give the counselling.

It's horribly sneaky. The legislation purpoted to make women give due and appropriate thought to their choice and to make sure they were given all the pro-life options available to them, in the hope that those who weren't entirely certain that they wanted an abortion would decide instead to have the baby.

Instead, it's given the pro-life clinics the ability to completely block the abortions, without the legislation actually doing that.

The article about it is here.


Jun. 6th, 2009 12:00 am
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My protest )
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Those that know me would know that my views lean somewhat on the left. I'm also strongly pro-choice. And I'm definitely anti-intimidation and anti-bullying.

There's been a lot of press since the murder of Dr George Tiller, a provider of late-term abortions to women whose babies were horrifically deformed or would not survive past birth, or young girls who had had no idea they were pregnant. Apparently this leaves only two late-term abortion providers in the USA. Needless to say, these doctors and their clinics are constantly harassed, vandalised and certainly not respected.

The doctors and their staff have to go through abuse and intimdating phone calls and hate mail every day.

My idea: Send them a postcard to say Thank you for giving women a choice )
Please feel free to a) link to this post or copy it to your own journal and b) put any other addresses below that you think deserve a postcard of support. Please only post those that are publically available, though.

And if you disagree with this, feel free to skip to the next thing in your reading list. No debates or anti-abortion discussion will be tolerated on this post.


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