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So while sitting on hold waiting to speak to the Apple techs about [ profile] lederhosen's CD drive, I noticed that [ profile] howtheylooknow was running a theme of 1970s pop idols.

Fools. Do they KNOW what horrors they have unleashed? Have they any idea of the misguided ways a young confused girl can have her emotions completely manipulated by the Teen Idol Marketing Machine?

And I deny utterly that any record of any of this exists!!!!!!!

In other news, the repair guy just came - we have a staying-closed griller and closable windows! Yay! They're simple jury-rigged repairs, but they should last until the end of the lease.
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After the inspection last Monday, I was not surprised to get a call on Friday from the repair guy that showed up in May.

He showed up that afternoon, re-stated that the griller door spring couldn't be replaced and mentioned that the landlord and/or owner did not want to pay for the new stove. I asked if a simple hook could be put on the oven and he reckoned that the metal on the side was too thin and any rivets put through would pull out in a short time.

He then inspected the windows, and I asked again if a simple handle could be put on them. Apparently no, or at least probably not by him - the frames are metal and he wouldn't be able to drill through them.

So he said he would check what he had back at his base, and he could come around on Monday. Unfortunately, Monday I'm on a course, so he said he'd try to come on Sunday, and he'd ring before he came. Otherwise it would be Thursday.

No sign or sound of him today. I'll ring him in a break tomorrow to see if he *is* coming on Thursday. And I'll have a chat to my lovely contact at the VCAD. This isn't good, though.
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After the letter from the Justice Department that I mentioned here, I was prepared to wait a whole 10 working days before ringing back.

He rang me after 10 normal days.

R, the nice guy from Consumer Affairs: "Has the landlord arranged the repairs?"

Me: "The landlord hasn't even been in contact!"

R: "Would it be all right for me to come over on Monday then and inspect the broken items?"


So he came over today, took one look at the griller issue, and said "You know, if that was in my place, I would have gone crazy by now." He doesn't think the repairs are frivolous, and does think they should have been fixed. He agrees with me that the work needed is minimal - and that it's utterly annoying that the agent hasn't just got on with it.

So we're up to the next step. I'm to inform R if there's been no contact and action from the landlord by next Monday, at which point we put an order in through the Tribunal so that the landlord will be legally obligated by court order to have the repairs done. I think at that point we also stop paying the landlord the rent, and start paying it into the Consumer Affairs Tribunal special account.
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You might remember my previous requests to the Landlord to get the stove and windows repaired, and that the lack of response meant I had to contact the Consumer Affairs department.

Ahem. )
However, I'm still expecting our first house inspection to be completely draconian.
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To those readers who've just come in, our griller door and our window locks don't work, and were mentioned on the inspection report. So I sent a "Notice to Landlord for Non-Urgent repairs".

As a follow-on from this, a repair guy came the next Tuesday to look at the stove. He said that the model was old and the spring was broken, so they'd probably need to buy a new one. He knew nothing about the window locks.

No word from the agent.

I waited another week, and left a message for the landlord to ask for updates. No reply. Left another yesterday. No reply.

So - it's been well over the 14 days required. Time to send the form to the Consumer Affairs and request an inspection.

I'm guessing the owner isn't going to be too happy with this.


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