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I'm currently setting up for some serious sewing over the next couple of weeks. I have a Very Important Wedding to go to in October, and I want to look fantastic (although, of course, not overshadowing the bride).

So I've been getting my hand back in with some simple outfits for a certain Velociraptor, and while flipping through pattern books, I've been reminded of the phenomenon known as "The 2 hour skirt pattern". Here's one for your edification, although this one's a 1-hour one. You'll notice that they now say that the one hour is sewing machine time only, so you might be wondering how long it really is to make.

Shrunk for your sewing convenience )
So the whole thing, if you're taking it carefully, may take you up to 3 hours to make the skirt. Some people, especially if they've made it before, might be able to drop that down to 2 hours.

Is it worth it? Oh yes. You'll have a lovely new skirt that you made to fit you, from fabric you trust, and doesn't it feel good every time someone says how good it looks on you! But it will always take a lot longer than you expect to make.
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All the letters cut out, tacked onto backing, and laid on the background fabric to give an idea of what it looks like.

All the letters' fabric is from my stash, and about half of them have stories. For instance, the blue stripey O was from a set of overalls I made for [ profile] da_norvegicus, and the green O with Disney character were shorts and an emblem on a shirt. He was about 1 at the time. The last L is from a pair of waistcoats I made for my best friend from school days and her husband, and the F was from covered mousemats I made many many years ago.


I should have taken that derned Night-time Cold and Flu tablet when I said I would...
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What *was* supposed to happen was Continuum, a SFF convention that I was *really* looking forward to.

What actually happened was the gradual onset of some sort of flu-ey tired headachy bug with no energy, some nausea, and an extreme disinclination to leave the house.

So I decided not to be that-person-who-BROUGHT-Con-Crud-to-the-con (Yes, [ profile] da_norvegicus, I'm looking at you) and have spent a fairly quiet weekend at home, using up scads of Internet allowance. (I've just found a Youtube channel with ALL the Time Team episodes on it - as in going back to when Tony Robinson had hair!) I think I'll work on the new Well of Lost Soles and watch cheesy videos instead. For an explanation of the Well, click here. )

Well 3

And this is roughly what it should look like when it's finished! Wish me luck!
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I'm about to make a skirt from McCall's 5056 skirt with gores/godets. It'll be in a cotton poplin so it's got a bit of body to it, and I want to put a band all the way around the hem once I'm finished.

It'll be like this band, except less depth and the skirt will be longer. The two fabrics are very close in weight (although the plain blue is a little heavier). I'm also changing the waistband slightly to make it a shirred elastic rather than a tie.

skirt without band
skirt with band

These are my rough pics of the skirt a) without the band and b) with the band. The godets are striped and the straight bits are plain blue.

My question is - as the godets are slightly curved at the end but the bits in between are straight,should I make the band

a) as just a long band cut on the grain of the fabric?

b) as a bias-cut band

c) shaped to match the bottoms of the pattern pieces - some straight, some slightly curved?


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