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I got asked to pinch hit in a couple of fests. Here's my [ profile] sshg_giftfest piece - Erasing. (Rated PG) Where Severus can't get rid of the Dark Mark, and turns to Hermione for help.
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Every now and then, the Buzzfeed feed accidentally puts the wrong photo in with its story - the one that comes through is the photo from the previous story, or the next. That photo will also be with its correctly-fed story.

Today, the next story was on the new portrait of Elizabeth II. Here's what showed on my page feed for the previous one.

You may snigger uproariously now.
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Someone is writing a DnD module of "Beauty and the Beast", and sending the adventurers to kill the Beast.

But it hit the Plot Bunny switch, and I ended up with this filk of Be Our Guest )
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It's bad. It's naughty. It's definitely not safe for work. And it's Charlie and Tonks doing things with ropes. I am a very very lucky [ profile] smutty_claus recipient.

(This is my reward for signing back in during the amnesty, and submitting my story in plenty of time, thus earning forgiveness from the Mods and total delights from my lovely Mystery Artist!)
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I have fics in three different fests, all of which have started their Christmas Postings. Those fests are [ profile] mini_fest, [ profile] smutty_claus and [ profile] sshg_giftfest.

So of course now it's the difficult time. Waiting for those pieces to show, and waiting for anything people are writing for me to show up.

*refreshes page* Is it there yet?
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This is for some friends on Twitter, who need the digested version of Devilbunnies, and what a
"Chimp Flick" is.

So click here only if your Happy Symp Filtering Software is up to date. )
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So I may have ficced a little in the [ profile] severus_fest. Just a bit.

The Sun in Winter. Severus in 1978 is escaping Hogwarts - and finds something else. PG.

Polyester. What happens when someone with a Muggle upbringing turns up in Hogwarts in the early 1970s. G

On the Other Side of the World (It is Winter). Severus contemplating a life he cannot return to. PG.

And Death. Two enemies find some common ground. PG

And this one leads to the original fest item, because it is not going on Fanfiction. Mystery. Because someone asked for a fic including frottage, pink inflatable dolphins, and frozen mojitos. M
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who draws.

She drew the Snape/Malfoy Christmas Card I used some years ago

And now she's drawn...
something short and very silly, based on Sweeney Todd ) (Cut for size) Completely safe for work - both of them)
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tektite or not

that a dear friend bought for me in Germany, on the basis that it was a tektite. It's certainly heavy enough to be one, and being the geeks that we are, we tested it with a magnet. It's not magnetic, so we doubt that there's much iron in it. But it's the right size, and the right shape, and although it doesn't have the glassy surface that many of them have, it's similar to a lot of others.

And there's an information sheet that came with it, in German. Now I don't speak German, and neither does my friend (I still wonder how he managed to make his way through Germany for a month!) but I could muddle out enough German to work out that Metalle, Titan Mangan, Silber und Palladium were part of the makeup. No wonder it wasn't magnetic.

Then later, when I was showing my mother, I started to wonder - those are really odd metals for a meteorite. I'd expect Chromium or Nickel if I wasn't getting Iron, and definitely not Silver. And there were references to Energie Steine and Mannliche Steine, which had me suspicious. So I decided to try to translate from the German.

To see what Google Translate made of the document, please read from here. But not while drinking... )
boji sheet
If you're curious, click on this picture to see the original sheet.

I've checked what a Boji stone should look like, and my stone is much more like a tektite than one of these, so it still might be legit. Or it could be a dodgy Boji.

You can stop laughing now. But we haven't.
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The price for the Lacor 28cm Cast Aluminium Frypan on is now only £30.46

Get your 99.9% discount NOW!

(Alas, they will not ship to Australia)
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I was alerted to this rather special pan by Neil Gaiman's twitter. I've screencapped the entry in case Amazon change the price.


The actual item is here - and it's the reviews you should check. Yes, the "Fudd" one is mine.

The saddest thing is that if you buy this from the supplier direct, it's 1000th of the price. After this, I might have to indulge myself.

Yes, I know that the price on Amazon has been driven up by bots. That doesn't make it any less funny!
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You had ONE JOB!

You had ONE job!!!
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Because the current Bingo is for prompts on the [ profile] sshg_exchange, and as [ profile] mundungus42 pointed out:

What, do you think I'd ask for MLC/MPREG/Regency/Andrew Lloyd Webber songfic with adowable babies just to win at Bingo? I am fully cognizant of the dangers of receiving such a thing and having to squee over it!

And so you know what happened next... )


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