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1) If there are only two places on a street that you need to visit, they will be at opposite ends, just close enough to each other that it's not worth driving from one to the other.

2) If you have one flat in a block still to visit, it will be at the top of the stairs.
2a) If you have three flats, they will be at the top of three separate stairs.

3) It will not be until your fourth visit that the man who swore he had already submitted his form will remember to tell you that he was at his other property, and that this one, that you've had to trudge a long way to, was empty on Census night.

4) The house that looks occupied because it has a neat garden, and lights on at night, and a pretty sofa against the window, has been empty for months. The reason it looks so neat is that the owners are trying to let it privately, so they keep it in good order. Of course, that means no-one home Census night.

5) The block of 28 flats will not have legible numbers outside any of the flats. It's entirely up to you to work out if the top floor flat is number 2, 8, 14 or 22. As none of the other flats have a number in sequence, it's no use using logic. Remember to ask the neighbours if you see them.

6) You can't assume that the form is still under the front door mat after 3 weeks because no-one's home. It could be that the person there is objecting to the Census, or has been at hospital since the day after Census night, but was there during the night itself. Or they don't use that door.

7) Those two old houses beside each other? The reason there's a light in their windows in the evening is that the backs have been torn down, and that's the sun shining through the remains of their internal door frames. Your four visits to them have been a total waste of time.
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In sections, to not kill your reading page.

Sleep Stuff )

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OK, time to go face the kitchen. It's a face-off, I swear - but if it blinks first, I win!
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Last week I was off sick for 2 1/2 days. This meant I was only at work for 50% of the time possible. In that time, I was only at about 75% efficiency, as I'm still not feeling great.

I still logged, cleared and closed more tickets than either of the other two guys.

I'm glad I'm leaving.
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My beloved [ profile] lederhosen's work was on Stateline last night, and we recorded it. Alas, the transcript for the story about the Vision CRC won't be up for a couple of days, but if you're a New South Welsh bunny you might be able to catch the re-run on today (Saturday 30th July) at 2pm. Alas, no broadband downloads either, but visitors to Chez Brent will be forced to watch the 10 minute story and not released until they have commented favourably on the graphics.

The graphics were very pretty, by the way.

Transcript is now active at


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