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I wrote this piece about the Sydney Mardi Gras, and specifically about the festival that Sydney tried to run before the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. I had a screenshot from the Women's Weekly of December 1977, showing the timetabling for January 1978, and talked about what an incredible flop the whole thing was. The piece was mainly for a Facebook group called "Lost Gay Sydney", who were asking about memories of Mardi Gras, and most people seemed to like it.

Except one.

Please refer here to the screenshot that had me head-desking.

Head Desk
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I was asked to pinch-hit for [ profile] smutty_claus, and wrote The Path in the Woods for [ profile] flipflop_diva (who left the nicest review on it! That is why we write!).

Set during Deathly Hallows, not long after Ron stormed off. Hermione is crying and Harry is trying to comfort her. It does have sex - oh come on - it's for [ profile] smutty_claus! But the sex is enthusiastically consensual and I'm very happy with it.

And if you like my beloved [ profile] lederhosen's edits, the edited version is available for download here. But do not read while drinking. Splorfles are inevitable.
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I got asked to pinch hit in a couple of fests. Here's my [ profile] sshg_giftfest piece - Erasing. (Rated PG) Where Severus can't get rid of the Dark Mark, and turns to Hermione for help.
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There I was, three weeks before the deadline, and no idea what was going to happen.

And here lies the writing process. )
For your reading pleasure, A Touch of Sun.
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I'm a fond reader of various types of literature, including a large amount of what can loosely be described as "Romantic" literature. And yes, it varies from "Classic" to "Shlock".

Of course, a main part of many of these is when the couple finally get together. Get *it* together. Meet in a clashing of lips and the murmured words of "My love, my darling, how could I have ever mistaken your love for a global financial plot designed to take over the world. Also, thank you for Austria - I'm sure I can find a use for it."


So my question is: When reading romance, when the couple have sorted their differences and are getting the act together, how far do you like the writing to take it?

[Poll #2053762]

(And that last one should read "Without tripping the 'naughty' filters")
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and your novel is set in a realistic time, so you don't want the readers to be thrown out of the narrative by a name that completely jars with the time period. (Because, to be honest, there were not a lot of "Jaiden Waitara"'s in 17th Century London)

There are innumerable resources around the place to give you an idea on names. As I'm currently working on early 19th Century Cheshire, here's how I did it )
Of course, if you get to publishing stage, a good editor will have a fact-checker (or be one themselves) to make sure that the fictional Earl is not named after one of the actual Earls of history. But it always helps to check first, too.
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The [ profile] hprarefest has just revealed the authors, and I have my hand up as the writer of "The Papers".

Summary: Ron has died in a workplace accident, but he's left something behind that needs sorting out. It's up to Harry and Hermione to work out the issue...

I warn you now, though. It was supposed to be a serious story, based on the prompt of "Her deceased husband asked him to look after her once he was gone, and he spends the rest of his life doing exactly that.." And like happens so often, it started seriously, and slid slowly into something quite ... different.

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Gorram it, I'm finishing up the end of the [ profile] hprarefest entry, and while it's sort of a comedy, there's a very sad streak to it.

And I'm almost crying at the sad scene, even as I'm writing it.

That's good, yes?
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Yes, it's fic fest time. And now I'm confessing to writing for [ profile] smutty_claus, after the mods graciously allowed those of us who had previously sinned (*grovel grovel prostrate self before mods*) to be allowed to participate again and regain our virtue.

So if you want to read Harry Potter based smut fic, look no further.

Note - completely NOT safe for work...
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For the [ profile] sshg_giftfest, I took a pile of prompts from [ profile] teshara, and wrote a fairy story.


(The Lost One)

A story of how, fifty years after the War, Hermione solved a mystery and discovered the truth about what had happened to Severus Snape.

And if you need something a little bit silly for your post-Christmas come-down, here's the link to the one with my editor's notes on it. You see, while he's a lovely editor, he doesn't quite understand why Severus/Hermione is a thing. So the notes are always worth the reading.
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I have fics in three different fests, all of which have started their Christmas Postings. Those fests are [ profile] mini_fest, [ profile] smutty_claus and [ profile] sshg_giftfest.

So of course now it's the difficult time. Waiting for those pieces to show, and waiting for anything people are writing for me to show up.

*refreshes page* Is it there yet?
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This one is for all of you fanfic writers (and receivers) out there, who are signing up for various fests and have to say what you do or do not want included in your fic. It's hard to write *all* the different preferences down, so here's what you do:

Scan these lists. If you're happy with everything under a category, just put in your fic-request a link to this and say "Green, please" or "Green, Blue and Pink please".

If there's bits and pieces, your request might read "Green and blue please, but no pink. Also whipped cream and honey."

And if your choices are fairly broad, you might do "No Black, No Red, only Playing Doctor out of orange, everything else is good."

(Warning - there are lists of all sorts of sexual activities under here. Please be aware they may be triggering.)

Here we go!

Green: Pre-sex. )

Blue (Opposite gender) or Pink (Same-Sex) Starting to get a little steamy. )

Purple: Getting a little out of the vanilla here. )

Orange: Getting a bit stranger. )

Red: Rough and Nasty, or just unpleasant. )

Black: Illegal, immoral but not fattening. )

I fully admit that I scanned a couple of different Purity Tests for these, but also made arbitrary decisions about where to draw the various lines. Hey - you've got to put them somewhere.

Please feel free to suggest additions or amendments, (I'll keep a track of them from here on), and definitely feel free to pass this to your fest-fic loving friends.

1.1.1 - 24/9 - moved Undead to "Orange", clarified. Also added ABO, Supernatural, fisting to Orange. Gender play to Purple. Animal Tentacles clarified under Black unless able to communicate consent.

1.1.2 - 1/2/2016 piercing is in twice, so limiting it to "orange".
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Hello there! By now, you'll have my prompts and be going "OMFG what DOES she mean?"
And if you really want to know, click here )
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So I may have ficced a little in the [ profile] severus_fest. Just a bit.

The Sun in Winter. Severus in 1978 is escaping Hogwarts - and finds something else. PG.

Polyester. What happens when someone with a Muggle upbringing turns up in Hogwarts in the early 1970s. G

On the Other Side of the World (It is Winter). Severus contemplating a life he cannot return to. PG.

And Death. Two enemies find some common ground. PG

And this one leads to the original fest item, because it is not going on Fanfiction. Mystery. Because someone asked for a fic including frottage, pink inflatable dolphins, and frozen mojitos. M

For a fest.

Jul. 2nd, 2015 03:29 am
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This is something I first wrote a few years back just to see if I could, part of a [ profile] pottersues challenge. If you search for it, you might find the original. [ profile] akatnamedeaster inspired me to tweak it a little, finish it properly... It's my offering for the [ profile] severus_fest Summer of Severus.

The Sun In Winter.

Read more... )
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It's posting time at the [ profile] sshg_giftfest. I had a variety of prompts, and one of them involved bunnies. Because Devilbunnies, of course.

And the writer took the plot bunnies and ran with them. Or hopped. Or something. And they bred...

The Cabbage Leaf Plot
Part one and Part two. The staff at the school want to get Severus and Hermione together, so they...

No, that would be telling. Go read it yourselves, and leave it some love.
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There should be a little old lady living across the road.

Musing inspired by a tweet. )
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So I'm starting up the fleshing out of this [ profile] sshg_giftfest piece I'm doing.

The problem comes with the setup. It's ... no, I can't give specifics, but it involves Severus and Hermione (of course) and a problem they started unwittingly some years ago. And then I realised that that left some loose ends from 10 years before. Which led to even more loose ends... so now the roughly 4000 word piece is threatening to be that JUST IN THE BLOODY INTRODUCTION!

Dammit, plot bunnies. Enough.

And bother you JKR for leaving so many loose ends and plot holes that I'm not prepared to wave a wand over and go "minor point!" in a dismissive tone.

Now excuse me while I plant some drugs in Severus's potions bag, turn Dumbledore's hair green, and make the twins... oops. Sorry. Forget what you've just read.


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