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I had a lot of trouble with this one, as the songs I remember for certain events were linked to them afterwards, and I wanted to think of one that was present at the actual time.

And then I thought of the Year 10 trip to Canberra in 1979, and the constant playing of one particular tape - ELO's "Discovery".

So for a song that reminds me particularly of that trip, The Diary of Horace Wimp )
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Summer 1976. The family have rented an apartment in Yamba, NSW, where my uncle and his family live. It's a beachside town, and we did all the usual things - got sunburnt, almost got swept out past the heads, fished off the jetty at the back of the shop, drank far too many milkshakes... (Auntie June used to mark the syrup with the stickers from household cleaners. I have fond memories of "furniture polish" vanilla.)

So the song from Yamba will always be one that was playing on the car radio at the time. David Dundas - Jeans On. )
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Oh god. OK, at least one of you will be laughing and will not even have to click on the link to verify this.

Imagine you're in your mid 20s, suddenly discovering you've got men actually interested in you. Imagine one turns up who makes all the moves - paying for your taxi to his place, mulling up on a favourite record from your Uni days, making love like he really cares for your pleasure. And he dances. Oh boy. And of course, he's the man your mother always warned you about.

So of course you fall like a rock.

And then later you discover he really does have all those bad sides to him. In spades.

But you still care for him. Even after all these years. He at least taught you to be yourself. And for that you're grateful.

Alas, it took more than him to teach me worldly wisdom, but at least in some areas I am now Once Bitten, Twice Shy )
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Also known as "A song to slash your wrists by".

The Streets of London by Ralph McTell )
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I have weird views about things. Always have. Some of it a result of my upbringing, some of it my brain, some of it because being a confused young girl in the middle of the Women's Lib Movement and the Backlash.

But at the very least I could recognise that Charlene's "I've Never Been to Me" was a load of crap.

Day 01 - Your favorite song
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Day 01 - Your favorite song
So hard to choose. It often depends on my mood, or the day, or ...

But for now I shall go classic. Stairway to Heaven ) I first heard it some time in 1976, when a cousin played the intro on his electric guitar. I had odd music tastes then so didn't listen to a lot of commercial radio, and this had definitely not been on "Top of the Pops" when I was madly watching in England in the mid-70s.


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