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It's the blog of a tall, incredibly sexy red-headed woman living in Melbourne, who is:

Wife of [ profile] lederhosen, mother of [ profile] da_norvegicus, natural mother of [ profile] quatranoctal, and former owner of [ profile] dogorcuton and Basil. (Those two worthies are now sleeping quietly, somewhere...)

Enjoying living on top of basaltic plains, especially after the boringness of Sydney Sandstone

Trying very hard not to buy any more knitting and sewing stuff until she uses what she has

Versed in IT, Customer Service and Cooking. Now turning half an engineering degree into Teaching Maths and Science to Primary-aged students.

Recently diagnosed as a high-functioning Aspergers person, but then I've always been weird...

Writer of fanfic and currently trying to write my first serious novel.

I'm cool with people I don't know reading my journal - serious stuff tends to be friends-locked to various degrees. I'm also fine with people dropping me - I don't manage to keep up with as many people as I wish I could, and besides, that's your own journal and you have the right to decide who is and isn't reading stuff. But if you want me to read your stuff too, please comment on this post if you haven't elsewhere.
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... as if there was ever any doubt about the Livejournal SSHG-Giftfest.

Here's their banner:

2017 banner 3

I'm a bit quiet because while I'm not *super* busy, it's enough that I'm having to husband the energy carefully. But you do get one pic of what I've been up to...

Clever fox skirt

Made for the world's most adorable velociraptor, and she loves it. And for once I've allowed enough space plus a little for her to grow into...
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Classic scene from the 1966 Batman movie where Batman finds out "Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb". (Apologies for the terrible quality - someone's recorded this off a telly).

Adam West has died, aged 88. He was always the real Batman for me, goofy captions and silly plots not withstanding.

I think a re-watching of the movie is in order.
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As a kid, the news was all-important. My dad was a journalist, then an editor, so would insist on watching the news (or listening) three or four times a day. Dinner at 7pm was punctuated by the ABC news through the serving hatch. In the car on the hour? ABC radio.

I went on to do much the same. I tried to keep up with the news, and at the very least read the newspaper or watch the television news from a reputable source.

But now?

Between the Great Orange Cheeto in the USA, the pig-headed bastards who try and run this country, and the various hate groups trying to screw things up everywhere, I can't anymore. It sends a shiver down my spine. I lose whatever pleasure I might have had with the day when I hear of refugees being abused in a place we sent them, or rights being taken from human beings for having a different belief or physicality or love. Or I hear of people just being cruel to others for their own advancement or benefit.

SO I don't follow the news like I used to. I don't keep up with the latest political drama or the great financial gains of whatever companies. It leaves me cold and sad, and for my own personal mental health, I switch off if I cannot deal.

And I do do things to try and help the situation. Because if I ever stop believing that I can actually make a difference myself, I'd sink even lower.

I miss my idealism. But I've got determination instead. That will have to do.
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Hogwarts Houses as pinups from different decades

I think I really must be Ravenclaw...

(Posted on Dreamwidth, shared to Live Journal)
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#mylivejournal #lj18 #happybirthday

(Yes, the irony is amusing)
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I'm going to do the "Move to Dreamwidth, Crosspost to both, Read both" for as long as I can, until the evil content of my Livejournal is considered Not Suitable and Gets Banned. Heh.

But with importing my journal to DW, I think it's time I went through and deleted a pile of ancient memes and links to silly programs that no longer works. Sorry, guys, but if you really wanted to know which Quake Monster I am, it's too late.

(And the link was broken so I don't remember either!)
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I wrote this piece about the Sydney Mardi Gras, and specifically about the festival that Sydney tried to run before the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. I had a screenshot from the Women's Weekly of December 1977, showing the timetabling for January 1978, and talked about what an incredible flop the whole thing was. The piece was mainly for a Facebook group called "Lost Gay Sydney", who were asking about memories of Mardi Gras, and most people seemed to like it.

Except one.

Please refer here to the screenshot that had me head-desking.

Head Desk
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As some of you may know, I have gradually become more and more active in the QUILTBAG+ community over time. But it wasn't always so. I just wrote this for the Facebook group "Lost Gay Sydney", who have lots of lovely memories of older days. They asked for our earliest memories of Mardi Gras, and this is what I came up with. )
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Snurched completely from [ profile] mywitch - turn on "random" then note down the next 20 tracks on your music device of choice.
I am proud of the 5 decade spread here! )
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I was asked to pinch-hit for [ profile] smutty_claus, and wrote The Path in the Woods for [ profile] flipflop_diva (who left the nicest review on it! That is why we write!).

Set during Deathly Hallows, not long after Ron stormed off. Hermione is crying and Harry is trying to comfort her. It does have sex - oh come on - it's for [ profile] smutty_claus! But the sex is enthusiastically consensual and I'm very happy with it.

And if you like my beloved [ profile] lederhosen's edits, the edited version is available for download here. But do not read while drinking. Splorfles are inevitable.
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... but chilled fruit salad with frozen yoghurt goes a long way to making up for it. We'll be sleeping downstairs tonight, on the couch, because there's air conditioning. Upstairs we can't run the portable AC in the bedroom, and the outside isn't going to drop below 30C (86F).

And part of the warmth is the little one trying to share our smaller-than-upstairs foldout bed. People, meet Bilqis. and the story is here. )
She's adorable, she's cute, she climbs on you at 2am, she adores fish, and [ profile] lederhosen is her devoted slave.

... yeah, shaddup.
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I got asked to pinch hit in a couple of fests. Here's my [ profile] sshg_giftfest piece - Erasing. (Rated PG) Where Severus can't get rid of the Dark Mark, and turns to Hermione for help.
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There I was, three weeks before the deadline, and no idea what was going to happen.

And here lies the writing process. )
For your reading pleasure, A Touch of Sun.
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] little_details, a group where you can go with almost *any* question about something you're trying to write about, and find people who actually know the answers.

Through it I've received information on subjects as diverse as the price (and name) of a caramel slice in the UK in 1994; attitudes of Muslim women playing D&D, the time to travel from Athens to Alexandria in 1812 and the rules for marriage contracts in the Middle Ages. I've also discovered people who live near me, some who live on the other side of the world, and at least one author due to his very helpful information to another aspiring writer. (Yes, [ profile] benaaronovitch, I *am* looking at you).

So congrats at 12 years of helpful information, meaningful discussion and incredible answers. The next time I want to use enough petrol to blow up a building, I will be asking you.

*** ETA NOTING! NOT "Nothing"
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Every now and then, the Buzzfeed feed accidentally puts the wrong photo in with its story - the one that comes through is the photo from the previous story, or the next. That photo will also be with its correctly-fed story.

Today, the next story was on the new portrait of Elizabeth II. Here's what showed on my page feed for the previous one.

You may snigger uproariously now.
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Yeah, multiple postings. Deal with it.

All you Bunnies and Fudds, Squirrels, Fouriers, Symps and Devilcavvies, it's that time again. Frithmas Card Time! Read the FAQ, send the details to the usual address, and lock your mailboxes.

Deadline for signing up is November 15.
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Ganked from [ profile] shadowycat with no apologies.

The oldest item of furniture? Mum gave me her Regency card table - it's incredibly solid and heavy, with mahogany veneer, drawers for the cards and a top that folds open. That makes it about 200 years old.

The oldest appliance still regularly in use? Mum's 45 year old sewing machine, but I don't use it much. [ profile] da_norvegicus has just reminded me of my lava lamp, which is now about 27 years old.

The oldest family photo? Me at 6 weeks old, which makes it 52 years old. I do, however, have a painted portrait of my great-something-huge-grandmother, from the 1830s. Which makes it about 180 years old.

The oldest book? Family Shakespeare, I think. Belonged to my great-grandfather and is over 100 years old.

The oldest article of clothing in your closet? 1930s silk nightdress. It doesn't get worn, though. Of items I wear, I still have my 1982 thongs (flip flops).

The single oldest thing in the house? The above-mentioned table. I also have a whale's-tooth knife-steel that's probably about 150 years old, a Parisian Harmonium from 1887 and a mysterious bodkin we think might be over 150 years old.


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