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1) Check now whether it has an AC/Heating system. If not, compare the rent. A decent portable reverse-cycle AC can be bought for about $900 so you'd want to have at least $30 a week off the rent if that's so.

2) No swimming pools. Not in Melbourne, not in the middle of water restrictions. (Learned due to the trials and tribulations of dear friends who were assured that of course, if it was illegal to top up the pool, of course they should be expected to do it - then were hit with a bond charge at the end of the lease for not maintaining the pool.)

3) 10 minutes walk to a 25 minute train ride is fine. 20 minutes walk to a 15 minute train ride is fine. 30 minutes cross-country hike through the bushland, which is likely to happen in the dark in winter, to a train that will take up to 30 minutes to get in, is not.

4) We have no tame electrician here. Make sure the house is in good order.

5) On street parking will work in the quiet side street, unless said quiet side street is beside the racecourse.

6) If 9 out of 10 of the neighbourhood houses have bars on the windows, and there are doughnut marks on the road outside, seriously consider whether ths is a good idea.

Anyone want to add any little pearls of wisdom?
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It's not that I mind [ profile] lirion requesting books through my Amazon order.

It's not even that these books leave my own trashy choices for dead.

It's that I'm getting smegging spam advertisements for similar books from Amazon. In my mailbox. Every day.

I had no idea there were so many Undead Romance Writers out there.

And yes, you may parse that any way you want. Just stop me getting the emails!

By the way, 43.4C is nasty. 110F is also.
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But last night, in the club (when things were still warming up), a song played that I've finally recognised as being "Pillar of Davidson" by Live.

Except that it wasn't by Live - or it wasn't a version I've ever heard before. It was much, much darker and deeper, and it might have even been in a minor key in places that one wouldn't expect. It almost sounded like System of a Down, or of that depth and intensity.

Anyone know which cover it might be?

Oh yeah - and it's most frustrating when one takes ages to come down enough from clubbing to go to sleep. I turned down a cup of tea and a catch up because I was wasted, and then ended up awake for another hour *sulk*.
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Melbourne isn't totally new. Not really. Several visits and stays here mean I have a vague understanding of the layout.

I think.

Bunking down at [ profile] lirion's place, and we just picked up a few things to help fit two people into one small flat. But she keeps a good supply of cider, so that's OK.


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