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I am really slacking with the updates, but then we've been travelling a lot. So far we've been to Brussels, Paris, Iceland, the Faroes, and now we're winding our way through Great Britain, heading for Glasgow.

And so far along the way, we've caught up with (Pic heavy - click here to see) )
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Hey all. Yup, me slacking again. I'm over a week behind in LJ, so please stop doing things while I catch up! (More seriously, if there's something major, like the [ profile] sshg_promptfest that [ profile] kerravonsen reminded me of, please let me know in comments).

So we're travelling. To be honest, I'm currently tucked under the doona in Iceland, waiting for news that [ profile] lederhosen's plane has landed. (The 100km/h winds we were having earlier today meant the first flight was cancelled. It's just gone midnight here). And my travelling companion, the one and only [ profile] notasquirrel, is sitting beside me and grumping about the fact that I didn't let him keep the stone polar bear cub that he was playing on in the store we were at earlier.

Want to see what else he's been up to? First of all, he complained bitterly on my last entry.

Then, his Twitter is here. You're probably best off reading mine at the same time - my twitter about the trip has the hashtag #GGEclipse2015.

And for all the pictures available for your viewing pleasure, please look here. It should be fairly easy to work out the ones with Buzzy in them.

And I'm doing the writeup on Wordpress for various my-computer-is-being-a-git reasons, so the journal is terribly behind but at least it's here. I'll tell you when I next do an update.


Try to behave yourselves while I'm gone, won't you?
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If one were travelling from Melbourne to the UK next year (in late March), and then from the UK to the East Coast of the US (in early April), what airlines and online booking places would you NOT recommend? I want to know horror stories of planes held together with duct tape, booking sites who mysteriously lose your bookings and require you to pay a fortune to fix the issue, and any other scams that really need avoiding.

No, I will not be booking *anything* through Craigslist, especially Amazingly Good Accommodation.

And we already know to avoid United the Cattle Class Specialist.

Also, recommendations for good online booking places, airlines that are worth a little more...

I shall be dubious of anonymous entries, but not completely dismissive.

[Poll #1958971]

Oh - and yes, I know a lot of people want to catch up. That part I'll be arranging much later in the year.


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